Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank

A Repository for Data from NMR Spectroscopy on Proteins, Peptides, Nucleic Acids, and other Biomolecules

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Overview of ADIT-NMR

Instructions for first-time users of ADIT-NMR

Before You Start

Before proceeding with your deposition, it will be useful to have on hand the following information:

  • Chemical description of the molecules in the system studied.
    • Residue sequences for polymers
    • Sequence database reference for the biological molecule(s)
    • Atom and bond lists for ligands and non-standard residues
  • List of contents for at least a representative sample
  • List of experimental conditions (temperature, pH, etc)
  • A list of names to use for each sample and each set of experiemental conditions
  • ASCII file(s) containing chemical shift assignments or coupling constants, preferably in NMR-STAR format, but ASCII files containing tables with tab or comma delimited fields will be accepted.

NMR-STAR, the data exchange format used by BMRB, is a flexible version of the CIF format used by PDB. A full description of the NMR-STAR format is available from the BMRB web site. Data entered here will be converted by software into the NMR-STAR format.


Creating a Session

Entering Data

Depositing Experimental Data Files

Previewing and Depositing your entry

Data conversion and help tools

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